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CW Active is dedicated to engaging children, adults & the whole community in Coaching, Education, Leisure & Entertainment activities. 

- Our Team

- What We Do

- Our Impact

Our Values

We seek CREATIVE excellence for service and delivery.

We INSPIRE young people to dream BIG!

We ensure our time spent with young people is PRODUCTIVE.

As a team, we are DEDICATED to go above and beyond our roles to achieve excellence and exceed expectations.

We innovate our coaching to make it EFFECTIVE to deliver unforgettable impact.

Our Mission

To encourage young people of all abilities to transform their hopes, ambitions and dreams into real life experiences through sport and education; irrelevant of their background, ethnicity, gender or ability.

Our Vision

CW Active has a vision in which all disadvantaged young people can access and utilise sporting opportunities to achieve their dreams and better their education, health and social involvement.

CW Active

​Since its early days CW Active, has rapidly expanded and now operates several courses and sessions during term time and school holidays. 

In recent times CW Active has introduced 'Active Family' which offers a choice of well organised activity sessions for all the family. 

CW Active puts children's safeguarding at the forefront of everything it does and always ensures that staff are DBS checked, insured and suitably qualified including first aid trained. 

Everyone at CW Active  is passionate about sport and activity. As such we want to make sure that today’s youngsters have the very best opportunity to get involved with as many healthy activities as possible and stay involved with them.

We know that great coaching gives every child the best possible start to an active and healthy life and that making sports inclusive, innovative and fun really captures children’s imaginations

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