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CW Active offer fun-packed birthday parties for children aged five and over. Each party is designed around a sporting or Disco theme of the birthday boy/girl’s choice. Options can include Cricket, Tennis, Disco, Party Games, Football, plus much more!

Tailored by us for you to give your little ones a truly unique birthday:

- Guarantee your children have a fantastic Birthday celebration.

- Activities to help create the best Birthday Party ever for your child

 -Bespoke, affordable Birthday Parties to children aged from 5 to 12.

Disco & Games 

Our superb kid’s disco party comes complete with a fantastic mix of high energy games, dancing, and brilliant party activities that your children will absolutely love!

As you’d expect, all our children’s discos come complete with our superb sound system and microphones. We use the very best equipment, and always include the most up to date music. We also play any song requests, to ensure your kids’ favourite hits are included!

Our discos offer much more than just dancing – they’re action packed and full of variety, with loads of original active games and dancing, whilst still including firm favourites like limbo and conga


A qualified Sports Coach will work with you to arrange, plan and oversee your special day.
From team tournaments in Football, Cricket and many more Sports.

Does your child love a particular sport? Then why not have a sports party where the Birthday boy or girl and their friends can play the sport they love!

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