Road safety is a community issue. Everyone has the right to make safe and healthy journeys where they live but traffic speed and a lack of safe places to walk and cycle blight communities across the UK.

Road Safety Week is the ideal time to get together with people in your community and shout out for safer roads where you live and we are delighted to be doing this for the village of Chinnor, Oxfordshire. 

Below you will find a bank of useful resources to discuss at home or use at school, posters to download, details on what we are doing within Chinnor during the week of 16-22 November and ways that you can get involved to help us get the message across that there is 'NO NEED TO SPEED'


Here is a what CW Active are doing to support the national Road Safety Week in Chinnor:

- We will be putting up posters and signage around the village

- We will be posting daily social media posts sharing and highlighting key facts, videos, information and general information on the 'NO NEED TO SPEED' campaign.

- We will be setting up a Poster Collection point at 33 High Street Chinnor for residents to collect posters to display at home. (Posters will be available from 12pm midday on Saturday14th November until Tuesday 17th November. Posters will be taken in at 5pm overnight)

-We will be holding a 'NO NEED TO SPEED' poster competition. This is for children to enter. They will need to design a 'NO NEED TO SPEED' poster. The winner will then get there poster produced and displayed permanently around the village.

- We have set up this web page full of resources, videos, information and downloads for residents to use to help the campaign. 


Here is what you can do to support the national Road Safety Week in Chinnor:

- Display a 'NO NEED TO SPEED' poster at your house. This will need to be visible from the road so on the front fence or wall or any other alternative. You can also place a poster on both your Recycling & Non Recycling Bin and then on Tuesday's Bin empty these will be visible by all motorists. (Posters can be downloaded or printed below, or collected from our collection point, details below)

- Get your child to create a 'NO NEED TO SPEED' poster. All completed posters must be with us by 1st December for judging. The winning poster will be produced and then displayed permanently around the village. An entry form and template is below.

- Engage, share and discuss our daily social media posts with family and friends. The more that know the facts and information on speeding the better.

-Schools & community groups can use the below resources to share in assembles, parent mails & newsletters.

- Ensure you keep to the speed limit when travelling through our village.

- Talk to your children about the importance of road safety, not just speeding but in general when walking along a road or riding a bike. 



Download and print at home or collect one from our collection point at 33 High Street, Chinnor from 12pm midday on Saturday 14th November. Posters will be available until Tuesday 17th November at 5pm. Posters will be taken in overnight. Your child can take part and have a chance to get their poster displayed around the village. We need all completed entries by 1st Decemeber. The designed poster must have the main key words of 'NO NEED TO SPEED' but the rest of it is up to you!

Display Poster Download - CLICK HERE

Poster Competition Download - CLICK HERE


Making change happen - Safer Speeds - Campaigning for 20mph speed limits

Watch Now - CLICK HERE

Making change happen - Safer Speeds - Working with local Police to get lower speed limits

Watch Now - CLICK HERE

Speed Matters

Watch Now - CLICK HERE

No Need to Speed

Watch Now - CLICK HERE


Fact Sheet - Adults

Download - CLICK HERE

Fact Sheet - Students

Download - CLICK HERE


KS2 Lesson Plans

Download - CLICK HERE

School Assembly

Download - CLICK HERE


Activity Sheet 1

Download - CLICK HERE

Activity Sheet 2

Download - CLICK HERE

Answers Activity Sheet 1&2

Download - CLICK HERE

Colouring Sheet 1

Download - CLICK HERE

Colouring Sheet 2

Download - CLICK HERE

Colouring Sheet 3

Download - CLICK HERE

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