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PPA – time set aside for teachers to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities – is vital.

But like many ideas that are great in practice, the real-world outcomes can produce a number of problems.

In an era of budget cuts and ever-increasing demands on pupil performance from governors, parents and local governing bodies, schools often struggle to find cost-effective, high-quality PPA cover.

CW Active understands the vexed question of PPA cover and has developed an inclusive approach that engages all of your pupils in high quality learning and PE lessons.

As a leading provider of PPA solutions, you can be assured that CW Actuve will deliver the highest quality lessons at all times.

Our Sports and Physical Activity Coaches possess the skills and qualifications to manage full classes of children, meeting the needs of all learners and coping with challenging behaviour.

This means you and your senior management team can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll be provided with a high quality, reliable, education-focused service that improves your pupils’ skills and confidence, while consistently following best practice guidance on the effective use of agencies in PE and school sport.

clubs to motivate and inspire

Time pressures due to workload issues and a lack of expertise or confidence among your teaching staff can create a vicious circle where pupils fail to experience the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle, become less motivated and engage in fewer extra-curricular activities.That can have a life-long effect for demotivated pupils as they become adults.

Our extra-curricular programme offers your school an opportunity to create a year-round sporting calendar that motivates and inspires your pupils to take part in a variety of sports and activities.

By increasing the interest in extra-curricular clubs, schools can help improve the health and well-being of their pupils, along with improving pupil’s competitive abilities.

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be engaged in physical activity at school.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of solutions to keep your pupils fit and healthy even outside of PE lessons.

Our highly trained staff engage your children in sports and physical activities during lunchtimes and before and after school, encouraging your pupils to be active, stay fit and have fun. This can create the added benefit of reducing behaviour issues during both curricular and extra-curricular time, leading to increased learning potential.

It's an excellent way of reinforcing your school values, encouraging inter and intra-school competition and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you feel that it's time for Cw active to make time for you, contact us for further details.